A hidden trove of Jewish family relics discovered in Riga

A trove of Jewish family relics, hidden for more than 70 years was discovered at the residential house in Maskavas forštate neighborhood. Before WWII the house at Turgeņeva str. 17 belonged to textile machinery merchants, the Ritov family. Out of seven children of the family only two sons have survived the Holocaust and Soviet repressions, while others have perished.
The director of the Museum “Jews in Latvia” Ilya Lensky affirms that the shed is unique: it held hundreds of books, photos, private letters, Jewish ritual objects and other family relics.
In the future, part of the collection is to be displayed in the museum “Jews in Latvia”, while the other – at the authentic site at Turgeņeva str. 17.
More information and photos available at the LNT reel (in Latvian) here.